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Friday, June 25, 2010

Splashin Around

Aaaah! Summer's in full swing and we are totally making the most of the glorious summer weather. Abs has a best friend named Hailey (or "Hails" as Abby calls her). They met in Gymboree, but really it was because her mom and I kept crossing paths in random places all around town that their fate as besties was sealed. They've been friends for over a year now and, considering they're two, that's like forever.

Today we took the girls (and buddies Thomas and Julia) to a new place to play in Stanton - Harry Dotson Park. It was uh-mazing! Tons of playground equipment. But not just your typical run of the mill monkey bars and swing sets. Oh, no. We're talking real rock wall boulders, an enormous pirate ship for climbing and sliding, and a kick ass water-fun section for splashing and keeping cool. There's also tons of shaded picnic tables for parents to watch the kids from and best of all it's FREE! The perfect way to while away a summer afternoon.

The ship - pretty awesome, right?

Climbing . . .

. . . climbing . . .

... and more climbing.

Matching swimsuits. Yup - we're those moms.

Splashin' around.

Banana break!

Flower children

Thomas says, "D'oh! Girls!"

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