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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tattoo of the Week

There are some things I'm obsessed with that have absolutely no rhyme or reason or relation to my real life. Like tattoos. I don't have any. I don't want any. But I am not-so-secretly fascinated with them. When I'm at Borders leafing through magazines, I'll pick up a random tattoo magazine or two along with my copy of Better Homes and Gardens. I think it's a combo of the actual design itself along with the permanence of the artwork that gets me because, to quote Bad Religion, "eternity, my friend, is a long fucking time."

Now it's not just any old sad prison ink I'm drawn to, and I don't have much use for even the most well executed howling wolf or Cherokee squaw because, if I'm being perfectly honest, I'm a total sucker for the ironic, hipster-douche tattoos most of all. I don't want to like them, but I can't help it. They're funny. And (even funnier) they're forever! So congrats, dumbasses. I hope you're still as passionate about Cap'n Crunch, Billy Mays or bacon in the next 30 years as you are today.

Wait a minute. Scratch that last one. I'll probably still be as passionate about my favorite pork byproduct in thirty years as I am now. Bacon, you get a pass.

Which brings me to the first installment of Tattoo of the Week - fab tattoo finds from around the web of every (in)conceivably random subject and milieu. And it's only fitting that the inaugural issue combine two of my favorite things: tattoos and bacon. Please enjoy the following collection of sizzling specimens. Truly tasteful!

Some opt for a simple side of bacon:

Some opt for a heartier breakfast.

And some folks get downright spiritual about their bacon.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rites of Passage

As a native Southern Californian, the first trip to Disneyland is a huge rite of passage. Never a question of if you'll go, only a question of when. And although my sister and nearly all of my mommy friends seem to hold annual passes to the Magic Kingdom, enjoying the park for a couple of hours here or a late afternoon there, I always liked the idea of keeping the big D as something special. A rare treat to look forward to maybe once a year, if that.

So we weren't planning on taking Abs until she was at least three, but my mom surprised us and got tickets for my birthday this year. And it's so funny because I started to tear up a bit when she did. Just the thought of taking my own little one for the first time kinda got me inexplicably misty. So we set a date to go, began talking it up to the babe and headed on down Harbor Boulevard.

Wanting to make her first trip extra special we started the day off at Goofy's Kitchen, where Disney characters come to your table and dance the Twist with diners. At first she was a little overwhelmed coming face to face with these larger than life furry creatures, and understandably so. But soon enough she was in the groove and dancing the frug with Alice in Wonderland.

Go with your instincts, girl.

Then it was off to the park to meet up with my sister, mom and Kailey. First stop was to get Abby her very own pair of those iconic mouse ears. Again, just one of those classic moments.

Brad gets in on the act.

My mom also insisted on getting Abby's silhouette done. She still has my sister and mine from when we were the girls' age and wanted to continue this little family tradition, which I just love. And even though the woman who cut the silhouette was a total crotch, she did a great job.

The rest of the day was spent chasing down big game for autographs (we scored with the Big Mouse first thing), standing in line for kiddy rides (which were all a little darker and creepier than I remembered) and exploring the park. I was really worried that we might have a melt down and have to go home mid-trip, but Abs was a total trooper and had a fantastic time. I really couldn't have asked for more to make this first trip to Disneyland any better.

Abby gets Mickey's John Hancock

Girl talk

Pixie Hollow

Starstruck by Tinkerbell

Chip and Dale's Tree House

Tomorrow Land

Toon Town

Abby surprises Brad with a passionate smooch.

Magic's not just for little kids.

Exhausted but totally satisfied. Sweet dreams.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tiger Season

Reason #27 why I love this man:

Impromptu Safari Hunt with the babe.

Be ve-e-e-wy quiet. I'm hunting tigers.

The mighty huntress spies her prey!

There he is!

Apparently it's open season on tigers. Don't tell PETA.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Garden Shower

My friend Dorothy needed some help throwing a garden themed baby shower in her backyard, and I was more than happy to lend a hand. The mom-to-be had gestational diabetes, which I was a little nervous about because my party centerpieces are usually the dessert buffet. Dorothy and I came up with a diabetic-friendly menu and found some sugar free chocolates and caramels for the dessert table, knowing the guest of honor would allow herself to indulge in a sweet treat or two. Enjoy the following behind the scenes photos of putting together this bright and colorful party.

Sandwich picks with darling butterfly detail

Sweet teacups with silk flowers to hang from the balcony.

Oversized dragonflies get some bedazzling.

Colorful gum balls

Toadstool pops

Chocolate dipped Pirouettes become "Fairy Straws"

The happy garden themed dessert buffet.

Dessert table details

Garden themed cupcakes

Hailey's Spring Fling

My daughter's best friend Hailey was turning two and her mom, Erin, wanted to throw her a fabulous and fun Spring Fling birthday party. Bright colors, happy flowers and hand made pinwheels really set the tone for this over the top May event.

The focus of the party was fun fun fun and Erin set up a child's paradise in her backyard. The lawn was covered in a multitude of irresistible play zones: a bounce house, splash pool (with swim diapers and sunscreen on standby for those without), kiddy wading pool, rainbow parachute, teepee, playhouse and swing set. The kids didn't know where to begin, although most of them found their way to the big splash pool, including my kiddo, who I'm not even sure got out a "Happy birthday, Hails!" before she was stripping down to her bathing suit so she could be the first to dive in.

The fun zone

The birthday girl approves!

The driveway was transformed into a happy, brightly colored dining hall with the help of rented tables and chairs. We scored these vibrant paper lanterns, plates and table cloths from The Dollar Tree to carry out her Spring Fling theme. Erin created a dozen balloon flowers to dress up the white gates and welcome guests into the backyard.

We set up the favor bags on the kids' table so they wouldn't be forgotten about and not get taken home. These simple white lunch sacks were filled with goodies and dressed up with colorful name tags attached with bright and cheery pinwheels from the Dollar Tree. So cute!

Gift bag detail

To pack a big colorful punch we hung a hand made felt "Happy Birthday!" pennant banner above the food tables and created a miniature dessert table to display Erin's sister-in-law Lisa's amazing and adorable sugar cookies.

Dessert table detail

The family talents also extended to Erin's sister Bonnie, who created the fantastic flower power cupcake tower for the kids to enjoy instead of a traditional birthday cake. Just the perfect size for little hands!

The kids all had an amazing time and the parents were really wowed by all the care and attention to detail put into this party. As for the birthday girl? I think her face says it all:

Happy birthday, Hails!