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Friday, June 25, 2010

Stroll and Savor

We took the babe down to 2nd Street for their Stroll and Savor event and had a fantastic family fun night! We bought two 12-packs of tickets for $20.00 total and perused the delicious offerings from the restaurants and eateries along the boulevard. Our brilliant criteria for where to eat was the shortest line available. I guess that should be counter intuitive - the longer the line, the better the chow - but with a two year old in tow and packed streets to navigate, the shorter the better.

First stop was for some mediocre and dry Pad Thai and egg rolls at Phuket Thai (meh). We got the babe a slice of cheese pizza from NY's Upper Crust, which she gobbled down in record time (so I'm giving them the thumbs up by proxy). And spent the rest of our tickets at Sweet Jill's to round out the night with their decadent chocolate cake and some walnut crusted cinnamon rolls to enjoy tomorrow for breakfast.

The hubs and I had heard of Stroll and Savor events happening in Belmont Shore for awhile now, but neither of us had ever ventured to go before. I always imagined the parking to be a nightmare and the crowds unbearable, but neither was true. Brad (aka "the Mayor of Long Beach") even ran into a couple of old friends also enjoying the festivities, and we passed along the last of our tickets to one of them before packing up the babe and our goodies to enjoy at home in front of the tube. It was a great, low key family night of street food and people watching. Summer is definitely here!

Waiting in line for her tickets.

Mission accomplished.

The strolling.

The savoring.


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