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Sunday, May 10, 2009


Happy Mother's Day!

My poor husband has endured three days of celebrating mothers; His mother, my mother and (of course) the mother of his darling child, me. Taking a cue from Valentine's Day (where we celebrate on February 15th to avoid the crowds and jacked up prices), I told my better half I'd prefer to have my Mother's Day hullabaloo on Saturday. So we packed up the kid and headed to San Juan Capistrano to eat at the superfabulous (if super-pricey) Ramos House Cafe.

Warning posted by the proprietor

Run by the surly, tattooed and sublimely talented John Q., Ramos House is an indulgence we enjoy about every two years or so. With tons of rustic charm, it's located on the umbrella-covered patio of the chef's own home and right, and I mean right, off the train tracks. The food is truly delicious and innovative with a nice Southern bend. Weekends are brunch only so you're roped into spending $35.00 a head, which is a bit steep, but since it's a rare treat, and if you factor in ambiance, we'll call it even.



... and more ambiance.

Ok - on to the grub. With brunch you get a starter - interesting choices like basil-cured salmon, caramelized citrus salad or hush puppies with pepper jam. I chose the apple cinnamon bignets and Brad had the huckleberry coffee cake. Both delish. Then for the main course I had their mac and cheese with lemon gremolata and Brad had some kind of breakfast scramble. Mine was very good - rich and creamy, with nice pieces of asparagus throughout and topped with field greens. (I have to admit I like my personal mac and cheese recipe better, though). I'm dying to go back on a weekday to just order lunch and try "Mark's Mom's Chocolate Cake." Mmmmm... chocolate cake.


I just love Ramos House and that part of town - lovely shopping and old houses turned into charming garden shops, tea houses and restaurants. It's one of those special hidden treasures you feel lucky to know about. We spent just another hour in SJC poking around before it was time to head back, but it was sure a lovely way to spend Mother's Day Eve.

Crazy grafittied cactus

Abby meets Popcorn the horse

Is Mother's Day over yet?

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